Acumen Cost Analytics

These days, it seems like all businesses are looking for new and innovative ways to improve financial performance. However, the simple fact remains; costs are the most controllable part of the profit equation.

With so many different factors affecting costs across the enterprise, organizations need a flexible application to model costs and provide management data that can drive better business decisions.  Armada has spent many years implementing strategic cost management projects using a variety of cost modeling applications and identified the need for a more robust flexible software that can be managed by the application users with minimal IT infrastructure.

That’s why we developed the Acumen Cost Analytics solution: to help our clients provide cost transparency and take control of the profit equation by making better, more informed decisions about cost.

The analytics capabilities offered by Acumen have the ability to change the way your business approaches cost management. These capabilities can help you get the best results from a wide variety of cost improvement initiatives, including:

  • Customer Profitability
  • Shared Services Cost Recovery
  • Product Profitability and Pricing
  • Technology Cost Analytics
  • Organizational and Legal Entity Reporting
  • Delivery Channel Rationalization
  • Lean / Six-Sigma / Activity Based Costing
  • Capacity Optimization

Best of all, the results provided by Acumen are sustainable. While some software vendors offer similar solutions, they often are connected to large technology investments and require overly complex support. Acumen is specifically designed to be managed by financial analytics professional; that can design, develop and deploy the solution to drive actionable results.  The one-time investment client’s make in Acumen can be repaid quickly, often creating a self funded program for continuous strategic cost management.

Built in Documentation and Dictionaries

DOC-150x150Document management features to embed all assumptions directly in model

Built in driver and Activity dictionary functionality to maintain clear definitions

Notes feature with document attachment to capture changes and revisions over time

Traceability and Reconcilation

TRACABILITYView and report cost results of any dimension with full traceability of cost assignment path

Model design can support full absorption, capacity adjusted and fixed /variable cost modeling

Attributes can exist on any dimension to expand views and aggregations of data with full reconciliation

Robust driver capabilities to capture volume, weighted volume, and time driven cost assignments

Multidimensional Cost Analytics

BOXES-150x150Provides full CostFacts enabling full transparency at every dimensional intersection of cost assignments

Ability to add both text and numeric attributes to enhance reporting and analytics capabilities

Easily integrate cost model data into established information delivery and reporting environments

Scaleable Flexible Data Model

Flexible data model to go beyond the legacy 3 stage Activity Based Cost modeling

Scalable .Net / SQL Server platform enables rapid solution deployment

Calculation Engine quickly produces detailed unit cost data

Get started quickly by importing data residing in spreadsheets, databases, and core applications