Make costs transparent and your business more profitable

Acumen is a cost modeling and analytics application built specifically to put modeling back in the hands of people who can take insight to impact. For 15 years Armada has implemented strategic cost management projects using a variety of cost modeling applications and identified the need for a more robust flexible software that can be managed by the financial community with minimal IT dependency.

Features & Benefits

Achieve cost transparency

  • Fully trace costs from source to destination
  • Uncover the true cost of resources, activities and products
  • Bring disparate finance and operational data together

Simplify modeling experience

  • Multi-dimensional modeling for advanced analytics/modeling
  • Open integration with existing performance management and BI tools

Limit Dependency on IT

  • Requires no custom language, coding, or query writing
  • Easily import data from existing spreadsheets, databases or core systems

Business Value

  • Advanced Profitability Analytics
  • IT Cost Transparency
  • Shared Services Cost Recovery

Success Story

A US commercial bank with over $125 Billion in assets wanted a strategic cost takeout model that would be enterprise wide and improve their overall efficiency ratio.

The Bank had limited transparency into the costs of the enterprise and no ability to measure the actions that were taken and how that would impact customer delivery.

Armada’s cost profitability solution allowed for continuous management of their costs through solution dashboards distributed to each key cost manager.

The back office reduced their cost take out plan from 18 months to 9 months and their estimated $5 million dollar tactical savings was increased to $15 million in year one.